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We are proud to be a general, restorative and cosmetic dentist in Hemet, CA.

Fillings & Bonding are offered by our Hemet Cosmetic Dentist
Fillings & Bonding
If your tooth has been damaged due to decay or trauma, we will do our best to restore its function and aesthetic. Dr. Larrondo, your dentist in Hemet, CA will first remove any decay from your tooth. Then, he'll restore the tooth using tooth-colored resin for a natural look.
Bridges are a great way to compensate for a missing tooth. See our Hemet Cosmetic Dentist for more information.
A dental bridge is a popular way to compensate for a missing tooth. To create the bridge, we place a crown and attach it to the two surrounding teeth. Your bridge will help you have not only a beautiful smile, but a functional smile.
Our Hemet Cosmetic Dentist uses crowns to repair damaged teeth.
A crown is used to repair a tooth that has been damaged from decay or trauma to the extent a filling cannot fix. Dr. Larrondo works closely with a dental lab to create a restoration that blends seamlessly with your smile. The placement of your crown typically takes 2-3 visits: One to prep your natural tooth and take an impression, then another to place your crown.
We offer Hygiene & Gum Treatment in our Hemet Dental Office.
Hygiene & Gum Treatment
Maintaining a healthy smile is key to long-term oral health and keeping your teeth for life. Depending on your unique smile, we may recommend you visit us for a hygiene cleaning anywhere from twice yearly to once every three months. We also provide a deeper cleaning for those who have a lot of tartar buildup.
Zoom! Teeth Whitening from our Hemet Cosmetic Dentist can brighten your smile.
Zoom! Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening is a quick and easy way to give your smile a boost. Whether your teeth are stained or simply have grown dull over time, ZOOM! Teeth Whitening makes a big impact on your smile in just one visit!
Porcelain veneers can give you the smile you've been dreaming of.
Porcelain Veneers
A veneer is a thin piece of porcelain that is permanently attached to your tooth. A veneer can correct tooth imperfections such as: chips, cracks, gaps, and misalignment. Hemet cosmetic dentist Dr. Larrondo works closely with a dental lab to ensure your veneers are the perfect color and shape to complement your smile.
Dental implants are used by our Hemet cosmetic dentist to replace missing teeth.
Dental Implants
A dental implant is often the best solution for a missing tooth. The titanium implant is surgically inserted into your jawbone to act like the root of your tooth, holding your restoration in place. Once healed, Dr. Larrondo places the abutment and crown to the implant, resulting in a natural-looking tooth. In the end, you gain a functional and a more aesthetic smile.
Dentures can help patients with many missing teeth.
Dentures & Partials
Dentures are a replacement for missing teeth. Typically dentures are removable prosthetic teeth and gums that sit over your gumline. Depending on each individual case, you may receive full or partial dentures. Full dentures are used when all of the natural teeth are removed from the mouth and replaced with a full set of dentures. During your consultation with Dr. Larrondo, he will examine your smile and help you decide exactly which type of denture is right for your smile.
Root canal therapy can save your tooth.
Root Canal Therapy
Root canals don’t have to be scary! In fact, a root canal actually saves your tooth. When the pulp of your tooth becomes infected by decay or trauma, a root canal removes the infected pulp, allowing us to save the structure of your tooth.
Inlays and onlays are a cosmetic dental treatment that are used like a crown to restore your smile.
Inlays & Onlays
Many people think of inlays and onlays as partial crowns. Like a crown, after we remove the decay from your teeth, we will take a mold and craft you a custom restoration. We only use resin material, so your restoration can blend with your smile.
Our Hemet Cosmetic Dentist uses sedation dentistry for patients with dental anxiety.
Sedation Dentistry
Is dental anxiety preventing you from visiting the dentist? We're happy to provide you with sedation dentistry to put your fears to rest. Conscious sedation only requires you to take a pill and your body will reach a state of relaxation, making your appointment easier.
Invisalign® straightens your teeth more discreetly than traditional braces.
Are you ready to experience the fast, safe, comfortable alternative to metal braces? Barely-there Invisalign® aligners will straighten your teeth discreetly and comfortably in about half the time of traditional braces. They are the perfect solution for teens and adults who want straight teeth without the hassle and embarrassment of metal braces.

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