“The Secret to a Celebrity Smile”

And If you are like the majority of people I’ve helped, you’ve dedicated your life to your family, your job… Most people agree that this has been the greatest experience’s of their lives. However, it has taken nearly all of their time, energy & effort…leaving them tired, worn-out and feeling under-appreciated and in some cases […]

Secrets to Raising Cavity Free Kids

” Secrets to Raising Cavity Free Kids.” Here are a few more secrets. Many children suck their thumb. It is a natural and satisfying behavior for babies. However, once permanent teeth start coming in, around the age of six, the habit can alter the position of baby’s developing teeth and the dental arches if it […]

Do you avoid smiling in public?

Do you avoid smiling in public? Are you afraid your dentures will come loose while laughing? Once we see a new patient in are office and they finally confide in us about all the ways missing teeth or having dentures has affected their life. The number one thing that always comes up is a personal […]