Good Oral Health!

Did you know that most people generally don’t think about dental issues related to their overall health.  Healthy teeth and healthy gums are important for good oral health and most of us are aware of this.  We have been educated and we have instructed our children about why they should brush their teeth after eating and […]

My Personal Belief About Your Smile!

While Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry is NOT cheap… I have yet to meet a patient who has regretted investing in their smile once they experienced the life changing affect a gorgeous, full functional smile gives a person What Others Will Think! You’ll be amazed at how others will stop in mid sentence and stare at […]

Should I Be Concerned if I Have Gums That Bleed?

Do you equate a healthy, attractive smile with teeth that are dazzling white and cavity free. Absolutely! Yet, while these are undoubtedly major factors, the condition and health of your gums is another part you shouldn’t overlook. Gums play an important role in the health of your smile and are also linked to your overall […]