What are mini implants?

Hello, I am Dr. Jorge E. Larrondo of Larrondo Dentistry and I would like to explain how a dental implant can help improve your smile. In a recent post, I explained how traditional dental implants are used to dramatically improve the lives of my Hemet denture and cosmetic dentistry clients. Today‚Äôs topic is mini dental […]

Impact of sugar on tooth decay remains a major health concern

It is important that the effect of sugar intake on tooth decay is considered alongside obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease as a major public health challenge, according to the Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK).1 Public Health organizations world-wide plan to published plans to help world populations to reduce dietary sugar. These organization […]

Reasons People Avoid Fixing Their Teeth…

1. I Don’t Want It To Hurt At All! This is probably the number one reason why people don’t fix their embarrassing teeth. Even with the promise of a whole new outlook on life they still put their health and happiness at risk because they are scared. And understandably so! Difference being I have made […]