Adhesive Esthetic Dentistry

Dr. Jorge E. Larrondo is a well-known clinician and who’s Hemet, Ca. practice, Larrondo Dentistry, focuses on adhesive esthetic dentistry. He promotes esthetic dentistry as part of his mainstream dental care.

Here Dr. Larrondo share’s a case example that captures the beauty and accuracy of a well prepped produced CAD/CAM restoration. In modern dentistry, computer-aided-design is used to mill out dental crowns to replace decayed or missing oral structures and complete the dental restoration.

In this case, the patient is presented with old restorations and it was determined that two full crowns would be the best treatment. The restoration was produced using Zirconium and Emax pressed ceramic.

1.    Buccal view of pre-operative condition.
2.    Occlusal view of pre-operative condition.
3.    Occlusal view of preparations: Preps for Zirconium restorations require 360-degree heavy chamfer or shoulder. Margins, all internal line angles should be rounded.
4.    Zirconium frame works are milled and fit to dies.
5.    Finished restorations on working model.
6.    Restorations on mirror.
7.    Definitive restorations immediate post-op.

Adhesive Esthetic Dentistry

To learn more about adhesive esthetic dentistry, contact Dr. Jorge E. Larrondo by calling 951-925-6596 or stop by his office at 160 South Santa Fe Street in Hemet, Ca.

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