Are You Losing Your Dental Insurance Benefits?

This recession has really changed the way people do things.
Folks are saving more and charging less. They’re worrying
about the future, eating more dinners at home and putting
off purchases they once would have made without a thought.

There’s one place, though, where tons of people – maybe even
you — are leaving literally MILLIONS of dollars on the table,
and that’s their dental insurance.

How can that be?

My guess is that it’s because dental insurance isn’t like the
other kinds of insurance you buy.

You buy car insurance to cover you if you’re in an accident
or your car is damaged, and health insurance primarily to
insulate yourself from the high cost of treating a
serious illness or injury.

Dental insurance is different, though. It’s meant to
cover the ROUTINE and PREVENTIVE care you need
to protect your smile and your health — as well as contribute
a portion of the cost of more extensive treatment.

That makes dental insurance VERY valuable – if you
understand how it works and how to get the most out of it.

Use it or LOSE it

You see, there’s something else you need to remember
about dental insurance. It comes with an annual maximum
benefit (the top amount it will cover in a calendar year)
– and if you don’t use all of it by the end of that year
whatever is left simply disappears. NO ROLLOVER.

So if, for example, your annual maximum benefit is
$1,000 and you use just $200 of it, you’re leaving
$800 of YOUR money on the table.

That’s something you just can’t afford to do in times
like these.

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