Denture Suffers…Something to Consider

implantsteethYou might be thinking “I think I smell something fishy here. You mean to tell me that people can easily change something they have been dealing with for years? Yeah right, now that sounds too good to be true.”

Well, my answer is:  It is really that easy.

In a matter of a few appointments, we can give many denture suffers the comfort and stability they lost.

When a patient comes in to our office, we sit down with them and find out what is bothering them, what they want, what they need.

Here’s their opportunity to be in control. We do our “9 Point Smile Evaluation” and develop a plan that’s right for that patient’s situation.

My favorite part during this whole discovery process is when after listening to the patient tell me how he wants things in his life to improve and his frustration over his loose dentures, I get to tell him things are about to change for the better for him and watch his eyes light up.

They always say “really, you can help me?  You don’t know how great that would be.”

My wish for you is that you get to experience that kind of life changing experience.

Committed to transforming your life. Larrondo Dentistry is located at 160 S. Santa Fe Street, Hemet, California.

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