Lower Anterior Crowding

Lower Anterior Crowding Before and After TreatmentYou see it when you squint at the mirror and point at the jumbled bottom row of teeth that just got a bunch of tartar scraped off of them. You may have already had braces, but tossed the retainers out at soon as you moved away from home. You never want braces again, but you would like to return to your perfect post-ortho state.

What you may not know is that an easy solution for all of this has been in front of you for years now. Dr. Jorge E. Larrondo of Larrondo Dentistry knows how to treat “Lower Anterior Crowding” cases, and satisfying your desire to return to your perfect post-ortho state. This is not complex orthodontics.

Larrondo Dentistry of Hemet, California has a complete process that offers you all-things-ortho from the ground up. Further, Dr. Jorge E. Larrondo receives regular continuing education classes to keep him on top of the latest trends and innovations.

To get started you need to call Larrondo Dentistry at 951-925-6596 or visit our office at 160 S. Santa Fe. in Hemet to schedule an appointment. Dr. Larrondo will be happy to explain what is required to address “Lower Interior Crowding” and the fee requirements.

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