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Preteens and Teens will be Starting School Soon, considering taking them to visit with Dr. Larrondo before they Do?

Cartoon of a school bus full of childrenDo you have preteens or teens getting ready to start school this fall?   I see many advertisements such as ads for new clothes, school supplies, new shoes, and out fits for varies sports popping up in flyers and ad inserts in my morning paper.  There are many things to do before your teens are ready for their first day of school. One priority that savvy parents include in pre-school preparation is a visit to the dentist office.  I doubt any school-bound teen is going to ask their parents to take them to the dentist before heading off to school, but it is nonetheless still a very important task on the “pre-first-day-of-school” checklist.

Here are several reasons why you may want to consider having you teens visit Larrondo Dentisty  before school starts:

  • Clean teeth and fresh breath

A bright smile and fresh breath is a sure winner for making a good first impression on their first day of school. Check your calendar and see if it’s been longer than six months since their last visit, if so, then it’s time for a dental cleaning and checkup.  Dr. Larrondo will help get their teeth sparkly and clean, and give him an opportunity to exam for any decay or dental issues.  Untreated decay can progress from needing a tiny filling to becoming a full blown toothache and your teen doesn’t need to be bothered by that while they are at school.

  • A wisdom check

For older teens, there is an increasing risk for their wisdom teeth to become impacted which can lead to pain, infection or damage to adjacent teeth or roots.  X-rays of your teen’s jaw will show Dr. Larrondo whether the wisdom teeth will grow in straight and be no problem at all or if extractions will be necessary.  If your teen does need to have their wisdom teeth removed, it is optimal to have it done while they are still at home and free from school commitments so they have time to heal.

Some teens are sensitive about their teeth color.  Larrondo Dentistry offer several procedures and will recommend the best program to help improve and restore your teens confidence.  A tooth whitening program is a totally optional way to brighten up your teen’s smile.  Some teens, especially those who’ve worn braces for most of their high school career and are finally done with treatment, find their smiles are a little dull and not as white as they would like.  In-office teeth whitening is a safe and effective way to whiten teeth up to eight shades whiter.

Hopefully you will agree with us at Larrondo Dentistry,  that a visit to a dental office is a pre-school top priority.  Don’t wait, school will be starting soon; call an schedule an appointment before your teens are off to school.  Larrondo Dentistry is located at 160 S. Santa Fe Street, Hemet, Ca.  Call Larrondo Dentistry at: 951-925-6596

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