Restore a Confident Smile

A woman smiling confidently“This is something easy to explain and simple, yet uplifting. My friend’s daughter chipped her front tooth accidentally one day. Being right in the aesthetic zone, it was embarrassing and unsightly for her. My concern, of course being a dentist, was to fix it and make it unnoticeable.” My friend asked me to take a look at his daughter’s teeth, who was embarrassed by her smile and often covered her mouth with her hand. She had a lot of spaces between very small teeth and wanted to know what we could do to help.

When I analyzed this cosmetic case in our Hemet office, it was interesting because Joan also showed a lot of gum tissue. We had multiple treatment options, but in the end, Joan and her father preferred a conservative approach that wouldn’t require gum surgery.

We have this new bonding material that offers great promise. And it really delivered. When I look at this case, it seems like there’s nothing we haven’t achieved in her bonding. We have polish retention, color stability, good tissue response, and teeth that don’t look bonded but instead look natural. And for it to look this way after several years is really pretty amazing.

Well, we filled the tooth with bonding material, as it seems to me to generally be the all-around ‘best’ composite in so many categories. The result: in my friends daughter’s words, ‘astounding,’ ‘beyond expectations’ with regard to shade matching.

I mean, she was genuinely overwhelmed and pleased. And of course, so was I! The aesthetic qualities it exhibits are, ‘amazing!

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