Success Story

Success Story

A Formerly Depressed, Self Conscious, 75 Year Old Woman Who Almost Gave Up On Life… But Now Has The Confidence, Smile, And Man Of Her Dreams!

After Janet’s husband died, she moved into a retirement home. She was convinced that the better part of her life was over. Then she met Gary. She was 75, and Gary was 81. (*names have been changed to protect privacy)

When they first met, they seemed to have everything in common. They were like a couple of teenagers again. Holding hands, going dancing, and watching movies together. Everyone in the community teased them because they were the “two biggest flirts” anyone had ever seen.

One day, Janet came in for a cleaning and in secret told me, “Doctor, I feel like I’ve been given a second chance at life. However, the only thing that I feel self-conscious and embarrassed about is my teeth. Is there anything you can do for me?”

Janet explained how she was embarrassed and frustrated with her partial dentures. She was so sick of getting food or chewing gum stuck under them. The other thing she asked about was whether or not she could have her teeth resemble a “Hollywood White Smile” like the people on the television show “Extreme Makeover”. I told her “of course” she could. We laid out an entire strategy for getting her the smile she wanted, while eliminating the ill-fitting, frustrating denture problem she was facing.

After coming in for ONE visit, Janet took her new found youth to a whole new level. Gary said, “I loved her the way she was, but this makes her even more beautiful”!  Janet’s new smile made her confident about her appearance, attitude, and life. She feels more comfortable and confident when in social situations. She is more assured about how she looks.

Her friends used to joke with her a bit about her plans to have a new smile. But at the first bingo night after her smile makeover was finished, she received 9 compliments in the first 60 minutes of entering the room. One of the guys said, “Wow! I can tell there is something different about you, but can’t put my finger on it. You lost weight, didn’t you? Anyhow,  you look absolutely fabulous!”

Janet is a perfect example of how chronological age doesn’t have to affect how you feel about yourself. Just because you’re 55, 65, 80, or older doesn’t mean you have to look and feel like it. In fact, it’s just the opposite. What used to be old is now mid life.

We don’t know how old we are going to live, but we can control more than ever before how we look, feel, and live!

(*Testimonial photo is for illustrative use only.)

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