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Two Truths and a Lie About Your Hemet Dentist, Dr. Larrondo

One of our favorite parts of serving Hemet dental patients is getting to know you and your families! We adore our community and truly value being a part of your families’ lives.


Speaking of “getting to know you” – how much do YOU know about your Hemet dentist, Dr. Larrondo? Whether you’re a new patient or you’ve been visiting our practice for many years, test your skills with a fun little game of Two Truths and a Lie:


  1. Dr. Larrondo loves to garden.


  1. Dr. Larrondo loves to go on mountaineering trips.


  1. Dr. Larrondo owns several pure breed race horses.


Do you think you know which “facts” are truth and which is a lie?


Here’s the lie: “Dr. Larrondo owns several pure breed race horses”. Thanks for playing our “getting to know you” game!


Speaking of getting to know each other – have you scheduled your next checkup with Dr. Larrondo? Don’t delay – call us at 951-925-6596  to book your appointment!


What are two truths and a lie about YOU? Leave a comment below to play our little game and we’ll respond with our guesses!

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