Wrinkles and looking older!

Have you ever seen an elderly person who has few or no teeth? You will notice their face sags and becomes somewhat “hollow” looking.

This loss of muscle tone and shrinking jawbone causes the skin to drop and sag, leaving you looking like a shriveled dried out apple. Difficulty eating – 90% reduction in the biting forces for chewing is lost when you are missing teeth. This results in an inability to properly chew or bite through foods breaking it down for its nutritional value.

Raw fruits and vegetables, steak, chicken, and rolls or bagels can often be a challenge. Most often denture patients end up living on a primarily soft diet or swallowing partly chewed foods.

Wobbly dentures , when teeth are missing, the gum bone is permanently lost. The dentures rely on that bone to support it. As every year passes, that bone gets smaller and smaller. Then the denture gets looser and looser to the point it can’t stay in. Relying on dental adhesives these are a messy and compromised means to hold the denture to the gums. They just don’t have the power to hold a denture at the same strength as bone holds the teeth.

Turn back the clock and regain what was stolen from you…your health and happiness! A permanent fix is now available to actually solve all these problems, not just cover up this ugly situation.

There is a simple solution to:

  • Regain 90% of your chewing force taking you back to the way you could eat when you were 18 years old.
  •  Allow you to fully chew your food for proper digestion with confidence and comfort.
  •  Give you back the 10 years of life that was taken from you when you lost your teeth.
  •  STOP the permanent loss of jaw bone.
  •  Gain the force to eat just like natural teeth.
  •  Enjoy the taste of your food without additive to hide the messy denture adhesive and thick plastic bases. Now you can eat while reducing your salt and sugar intake helping control high blood pressure and diabetes.
  •  No more gagging from loose fitting dentures.
  •  Improve your appearance with confidence when you smile, talk, and laugh with friends

and family.

Implants offer options to people with these problems and more. And if you were told in the past you aren’t a candidate for implants, you might be pleasantly surprised to find that new options are available now that can put you right back in the middle of things.

But there is no way to find out unless you call Larrondo Dentistry today at 951-925-6596 so we can sit down face to face and find out how you can start living again!

All of our staff look forward to meeting you. Larrondo Dentistry is committed to transforming lives, one patient at a time.

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