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We enjoy the wide range of patients who are a part of our community. From retirees, working adults to families, we have it all! Here are some of our favorite places to visit in Southern California as well as helpful links to news and event resources .

New to Hemet and Southern California?

Here are some great resources for information about our area:

Press Enterprise

The PE is dedicated to bringing us news about the happenings of Southern California.

City of Hemet

Receive updates and information on the news and latest happenings in Hemet.

Our Favorite Local SoCal Treasures:

Diamond Valley Lake

Diamond Valley Lake serves as a lifeline for Southern California. In a time of extreme drought, Diamond Lake holds enough water to supply 18 million people for six months.

Western Science Center

Get your geek on by spending the day with your family at our local science center.This local gem has everything from Native American artifacts to Ice Age fossils.

Ramona Bowl Amphitheater

This theater is home to the United State’s longest running outdoor drama. Almost 100 years old, the Ramona Bowl is a concert and play venue. Summer is our best season!

Kind Words From Our Hemet Dental Patients

‘‘I recently moved to the area and needed to find a dentist for emergency work. I called Dr. Larrondo's office and was given an appointment right away. I am very impressed with the doctor and his staff. Everyone is so helpful and friendly.‘‘

Helmet Area Patient

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