Chlorhexidine Mouthwash with Antidiscoloration System

MouthwashFight antiplaque and antigingivitis agents with mouthwash!

Dental plaque is the primary etiologic factor of the two most prevalent oral diseases: dental caries (cavities) and periodontal disease. Numerous studies have concluded and demonstrated that the ability to control the onset or progression of periodontal diseases is improved by regular plaque-control practices.

Larrondo Dentistry knows that oral health can be improved through effective plaque control, and that mechanical means of cleaning teeth are failing to deliver optimal levels of oral health because the techniques are not done consistently or thoroughly. In other words, people can do a better job of cleaning their teeth. Oral hygiene routines (daily tooth brushing and flossing) are neither practiced consistently nor are they done for an adequate amount of time to thoroughly remove plaque.

Due to these limitations on home oral care practices, Dr. Larrondo suggests that other strategies are required. Many of the strategies or other mechanical oral hygiene methods of plaque removal require time, motivation, and manual dexterity. Dr. Larrondo knows that people are busy and most likely will not take time for some of these procedures. However, using chemotherapeutics agents to help control plaque is another story.

He recommends along with multiple daily brushing that as an adjunct the use of an antimicrobial agent for reducing plaque and gingivitis, as an adjunctive therapy. Using a recommended mouthwash will have inhibitory effects on plaque and gingivitis compared to negative controls in the absence of tooth brushing and flossing.

Call and talk to Dr. Larrondo about which mouthwash is right for you. He will be happy to talk with you and make recommendations that will help you maintain good oral health.


Dr. Jorge E. Larrondo

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