Do you… Secretly Desire a Whiter, More Attractive, Youthful Looking Smile?

man & womenIf you are a busy individual who has always put everyone ahead of yourself? Are you even slightly frustrated with the appearance of your smile? If so, then please call Larrondo Dentistry and learn more about “The Secret to a Celebrity Smile” immediately as it holds the answer to having a youthful, gorgeous, and attractive smile!

5 Beauty Questions Every Person Must Ask Themselves

1. Are you embarrassed about your smile?                                                YES_____       NO_____ 

2. Do you feel anxious when you laugh out loud or talk to people?         YES_____       NO_____

3. Are you ashamed of the way your teeth look?                                       YES_____       NO_____

4. Are your teeth crooked, stained, broken or even missing?                   YES_____       NO_____

5. Do you wish you had a prettier smile?                                                    YES_____       NO_____

If your answer is “yes” to any of the above questions, then you’re just like the hundreds of other individuals who were frustrated, but now have discovered how to obtain the perfect smile and transform their lives forever.  “The Secret to a Celebrity Smile”  is sponsored by Dr. Jorge E. Larrondo, who created “Secret to a Celebrity Smile” as process to help the public understand what is available to them. There is no cost and no strings attached.

A FREE Consultation will allow you to discuss your smile options and create your own personal transformation plan. You will be taken by the hand and ALL your questions and concerns will be answered before you leave. You will also see several before and after pictures of our many satisfied patients. You will be absolutely amazed by their dramatic transformations.

Call Larrondo Dentistry today and find out more about the “Secret to a Celebrity Smile.”

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