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Providing Access to Primary Care

“The concept is to have an individual in Hemet and surrounding community who is knowledgeable about that community and its needs and limitations, as well as having knowledge of and relationships with the dental or medical community.”

Access to care issues are often unique to individuals, added Dr. Jorge E. Larrondo, naming language barriers, fear, financial problems and transportation—or various combination’s of those factors—as contributing to access problems.

Larrondo Dentistry allows for individually working with patients and overcoming access issues for that patient, then getting that patient into the health care system.

“That’s what we really like about Larrondo Dentistry,” said Dr. Larrondo, our process and practice model addresses access to care on a very individualized level but looks at many different issues that prevent access to care. Some models only look at creating more providers. That’s part of it but only a part. There are so many more issues to consider.

If you are having problems that prevent access to care, contact Larrondo Dentistry which is located at 160 South Santa Fe Street in Hemet.  Please feel free to stop by or call Dr. Jorge E. Larrondo at 951- 925-6596 to discuss “Access to Care” with Dr. Larrondo directly.

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